Information technology for communication within as well as outside the company and its use for critical applications makes it a corporate priority. This forces CEOs, CFOs and IT Managers to constantly evaluate the best way of reducing the total cost of ownership and guarantee the return on investment of their IT costs.

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Our asset management, recovery and repurchase solutions allow you to reduce costs and improve productivity in an efficient and totally secure manner.


  • Evaluation of the project +

    Together with our customers, we determine beforehand the value of the IT equipment to be recovered as well as the cost of its logistics recovery and treatment process.

    Our experience in recovery and resale of used IT equipment allows us to value them in the best posible manner and reflect those benefits to our customers.

    We carry out a complete, just and totally transparent economic evaluation. Our objective is to offer profitability to our customers. 

  • Logistics +

    We can coordinate the pickup of thousands of assets, packed or loose, in hundreds of locations over the whole Spanish and Portuguese territories. We can solve possible problems in places with difficult access and we transport heavy and bulky servers, photocopiers, switches or ATMs with specialized equipment. We also offer a disconnection service for equipment that is still installed in offices.

    For the more complicated projects we organize a logistical evaluation with a site visit.

    We have established strict guidelines for the packing and handling of equipment in order to minimize any possible damage during its transport.

  • Inventory +

    A digital inventory that compiles the serial number of the asset, the customer ID number (if it applies) and we add our own barcode that will allow us to follow every individual equipment through the whole process. Our system provides us with full traceability throughout.

    Our traceability: the security control of all your assets.

  • Audits +

    Our production team carries out the technical audit of each asset using software tools. We create an individual report that details the type and functionality of product, brand, model, processor characteristics, etc. We also carry out physical audits and register any apparent damage.

    Our experience guarantees exhaustive, quality audits.
  • Data wiping +

    To erase the data contained on hard drives (servers, desktops, laptops…) in a 100% secure and guaranteed manner, we use the Blancco software, the international reference for data destruction used by the defense ministries of various countries, the OTAN and official IT security agencies.

    Each asset is connected to the Blancco server which carries out the wiping of the hard drive. Once the process is completed, the software verifies that the data destruction has been carried out fully and irreversibly. An MD5 digital certificate is automatically created at the end of the process, relating the data wiping report with the serial number of the wiped hard drive.

    We also eliminate any sticker or identifier belonging to the customer to ensure that no trace remains of the equipment’s origin. For more information, you can find out more in our data wiping solutions.

    We help you protect all of your data with a 100% guaranteed, secure and certified data erasure of all storage units.

  • Recycling +

    Any equipment that isn’t fit for reuse is recycled according to current environmental requirements. We provide our customers with recycling certificates that meet the ISO 14001 norms.

    Complete documentation management according to local ISO 14001 norms.

  • Repurchase +

    Our sales team has 8 years of experience in the sale of used IT assets, which allows us to value equipment in the best possible manner and pass those benefits onto our customers. The sale of equipment is carried out through our distribution channels and a network of established customers in Spain and in over 30 different countries.

    We offer the best possible valuation for your assets.

  • Reports +

    A digital inventory that compiles the serial number of the asset, the customer ID number (if it applies) and we add our own barcode that will allow us to follow every individual equipment through the whole process.

    Our system provides us with full traceability throughout.

    Complete information, with the final valuation of the repurchase of the equipment.

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More services

  • Mobile data wiping
  • Equipment rental services
  • Degauss
  • On-site data wiping services
  • Cloning service
  • Employee Repurchase Program


borrado de datos moviles dispositivos moviles madrid iqtec

The use of mobile devices, especially Smart Phones and Tablets has become part of our daily personal and professional lives allowing us to carry large amounts of confidential data.

For this reason, it is essential to make sure that a certified data destruction has been carried out when the devices come to their End Of Life, as a simple factory reset is not usually sufficient to erase all data contained in the device.

Thanks to our alliance with Blancco, world leader in certified data erasure, we can offer our clients a complete and auditable data wiping, certified by the most important international security organisations. Using this process, we guarantee that no data can be released to third parties and that your company complies with all data protection legislations.

We offer companies and public administrations the repurchase of the mobile device, thus maximising our client’s Return on Investment.


servicio de alquiler de equipos informaticos iqtec

We offer leading brands’ equipment rental services for your temporary projects: laptops, PCs, monitors, servers, switches, routers, printers and projectors. We offer equipment rental services for temporary projects, corporate training, trade shows, fairs…

During the planning phase of the project, we carry out an evaluation of the technical requirements needed in order to choose which equipment offers the best value for money for the task. We install the operating system and any corporate software that might be needed.

We provide deployment, installation and configuration services nationwide so you don’t have to burden yourself with the technical aspects of the project.

Once the project comes to an end, we collect the equipment and carry out a certified data destruction process in order to protect your confidential data.


intimus 9000 desamagnetizacion-degauss

Demagnetization/degaussing is a high security process to erase information stored on magnetic supports.

Demagnetization is the key to eliminating information held on magnetic storage devices.

Many companies are vulnerable to data theft if they do not take action to eliminate information stored on hard drives and magnetic tapes.

The Intimus demagnetizer offers several significant advances in the field of demagnetization.



For customers that prefer or need to control personally the data destruction process within their facilities, we offer an on-site data wiping solution. This fast and efficient solution carried out by our specialized technicians in the customer’s offices allows a 100% secure and certified data wiping by the Blancco software without having to remove the equipment to be treated.

The onsite data wiping solution is often used by banks, consultancy firms, pharmaceutical companies, R&D departments, board of directors, etc.

The on-site data wiping kit uses the same software and standards in a portable format. A physically independent local network is created and the data wiping is carried out. We provide the data destruction certificates as soon as the process is completed. The kit also allows us to print individual labels which are applied to each wiped machine.

The most secure solution on the market.



Our production system also allows us to clone new equipment or used equipment destined to be relocated. Our expert technitians create images adapted to the needs of the project with special scripts and methods that allow the optimization of the installation process.

We have a capacity for cloning over 250 assets a day.

We maintain a complete control of the whole cloning process, carry out fuctionality tests and document the full process with serial numbers, labelling, corresponding package, entry and exit controls checks.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with our full migration services.



Some companies choose to offer the repurchase of their computers to their employees.

We establish beforehand the purchase and selling price of the equipment and after having fully processed the assets with inventory, audits and data wiping we create a project specific website which is then distributed to the interested employees.

We take care of the whole process: sales, invoicing, packing and distribution and a 1 year guarantee on parts and labour.

You provide employee benefits, we manage the recovery and resell process.